​WEEK 12 - Shiva Clock

The idea for my final project came from it when I read the book <The Order of Time>.

The book mentioned that in Hindu mythology, the river of the cosmos is portrayed with the sacred image of Shiva dancing: his dance supports the coursing of the universe; it is itself the flowing of time. What could be more universal and obvious than the flowing?

But according to what Einstein told us according to his general theory of relativity, the equations do not have a single "time", instead, there are innumerable times. Time flows in different speeds in different heights. Physics don't describe how things evolve in time but how things evolve in their own times, and how "times" evolve relative to each other. So, if the world is really upheld by the dancing of Shiva, there must be innumerable Shivas dancing all over the universe.

Therefore, I made this Shiva clock on which each abstract and soft shape represent the flowing time, each clock is driven by an invisible Shiva who is rotating and dancing.

​It also made me thinking that why Shiva could be both who is keep the universe to run in a certain temple as well as the god of destruction. Isn't the two contradictory? Surprisingly, I found the answer to this myth story in physics - the second principle of thermodynamics, which is also the equation for time's arrow and implies the direction of time, the only equation that knows any difference between past and future. The natural disordering always leads to less particular, less special; the entropy is lower and more in order in the past. The direction of happenings is stepping into destruction from human's observations.