We noticed when people got very excited when they see old electronic products and we are fascinated about such reactions and curious to find out why we are obsessed with “old machines” .


“Old machine” triggers histories, memories, stories and fantasies of the past human civilization, lifestyles, and mentalities, by deconstructing, rebuilding, transforming the old machines, we are trying to talk to the past and the future, explore the relationship between human and machine, magnify the emotional resonances


week 11 Before 11.14

paper prototype for play test 

Caren: Electric Fan - Draw mouth? + fan diagram;

Roi: Telephone - build physical whack-a-mole structure + telephone diagram; 

Song: Phonograph - build horn paper prototype; buy bubble gun and figure out bubble structure + fan diagram;

11.14 check diagram and order electrical material

week 12 11.14-11.21

build Arduino program & start fabrication plan (decide and order all the fabrication material)

Electric fan:

figure out how to control and install the motor (whether to keep oscillation)


figure out push solenoid and ring bell


test encoder; figure out bubble machine

week 13 11.21 - 12.5

finish Arduino program


week 14 12.5-12.12

finish fabrication