Ben and I made a marionette for our Halloween project. It's a very collaborative process and a successful one. I learned a lot from it. So appreciate that I have a teammate!!! I used to be a plan-everything person because I already got used to a series of fixed process that from the research to concept, and then do some sketch, think about the material and structure before buying lists of materials and finally make it. And I always regard it a really complicated one which gives me a lot of pressure (though plan and pressure has their good points!). Sometimes I'm afraid of collaboration and always think about the concept ahead before meeting. But I have to say this time's collaboration is really a mix of two people including the concept, debugging, fabrication and realization which surprises me and the most important thing - I really love the results! Due to the limitation of time, we made it in a very random and free style. We gathered free materials from different places in the campus, like picked up woods from MakerSpace, randomly used welding wires to fix the body, encountered a shop which sells styrofoam and balloon and came up with the idea to use them for the bodies, used a bamboo box Ben bought before for the buttons. What we planned is as below: we wanted it to be old-school like so we bought the big buttons from tinkersphere; we'll control one servo to swing back and forth with one button; use the pulley to make this marionette; make some abstract shapes to  constitute the body.


We started from realizing the function. Initially, we use delay function to make the servo swing back and forth. But the delay function stops the whole programme so that we cannot simultaneously control multiple buttons.

Then, we tried to use mills. Having worked on it for about 2 hours and it still didn't work. Finally figure it out with the help of David Rios! The problem is that we ignored the estimation of whether a button has been pushed messed up the beginning time of a timer. So this time, we created a boolean for the wheel, clockwise or counter-clockwise. So thankful for him. The explanation is so clear and understandable!

It works!!!

Ben did a great job to solder all the wires!

The problem is the motors sometimes work weirdly due to some loose wire connections and we worked on it for a long time but still have difficulty figuring out which one or ones are loose.


Drill holes for the BIG buttons.

Cut thick metal wires.