​WEEK 07 - ICM

What computation has done to me, so far, is I began to notice the time sequence while looking at something, an art work, or simply an object. Previously I cared more about maybe the scale, the space, now increase another dimension of time to fulfill my sense towards an object. There is a logic of changing (pattern) within every existing object both in digital and physical world. Doing the computation things just emphasizes this logic to me. And this constant direction of changing patterns makes people aware of the existence of time, like the water is kind of falling, you’re suddenly conscious about time is passing somehow.

But time exists because of the existence of an observer. I could think from the perspective of observer but the most interesting part to me is everyone's perspective is different. I can't duplicate the experience between two people. So one art work actually consists of three parts, the work, the author and the audience. Audience is one part of the work. They are the co-authors since what they see is up to them. It's about them. People watching it completes one round of an art piece within the dimension of time.

So at least, the result of technology and art did something meaningful to me that I now have a more vivid sight and get more touched to something in the world, more fascinated by the logic of world.