Jeff recommended Mark Rober to us in class and it recalled my fascination to engineers before. Having watched several videos of him, I'm impressed by the problem solving capabilities he has (especially in this one), which is also an important things for designers in a same and different way. So, really got a lot of inspirations from him.



Tried to adjust the radius of a circle with a potentiometer at first. And then applies it to a former balloon sketch.

See code here and here :)


But I did not figure out how to control a randomly generated balloon object. Instead, I changed the object-oriented codes into hardcore numbers in arrays to make the balloons. The problem is object is generated in a setup function and drawn in the draw function. But set up function only happens once!


Ben and I reached an agreement quickly that we want to make something fun, something that can make people laugh for Halloween. We got inspired by this very old-school black-and-white animation :


Here are what we've decided:

1. It's basically a marionette (ghost, skeleton or spooky funny characterscontrolled by some buttons.

2. We want these buttons to be big, and old school.

3. We'll use servos and strings to control the joints' movement. 

really like these theater costumes at the Bauhaus. Some weird, some silly, often funny. We may try to be close to this style - build the body with abstract shapes, and use some existing daily objects to make the face.

We also thought about how to arrange the motors!