​WEEK 05 - FAB

This week's assignment is to use two materials. I've used pine wood, copper and brass to make a light sculpture in the time class. Since one of my classmate said he wanted one to put in his house, I decided to make a small-sized one. But it's not as easy I thought. Here's my initial sketch.

It's difficult to find a wide-width wood so I tried to use some standard-sized 2 in. x 4 in. wood I got free in a wood supply store near school and make the cube in two parts. But it's hard to make the connected surfaces match flat enough to match each other. Also the discrete patterns make the cube ugly which I could not stand. I forgot to take any picture during this failed try.

Then, I went to Home Depot to buy a 4 x 4 inch, 8 feet wood. I only need less than 1/10 length of it actually.

After using the miter saw to cut it into a cube shape, I started to think about how to make a base to hide the motors and battery I will put inside the cube. I tried to cut a very thin piece of the wood to serve as a base before I drill holes from the bottom. I used the band saw. It's not easy to do it because the wood is too thick. 

Then I drilled holes into it to fit the motor and shaft coupler.

Then I curved the brass strip and 3d printed a structure to fix the brass and magnifier.

Then I drilled holes into it to fit the motor and shaft coupler.

It did not really work because:

miscalculated the holes on the brass and also the 3d print structure.

The base did not match it because I tried to sand it to make it more matching after band saw but it only messed more.

The holes I drilled for the switch was also terrible: crooked and rough.

Actually I made two more cubes when I figured out how to drill the holes into it but all of them were not perfect.