Clock Sketch-

The first set of clock tells a story. They both represent the lifetime. The left one tells that, during the life, we gather friends, lovers, so that there are more and more people behind me - instead of alone. The right one came from an idea that the two words, "young" and "old" is relative. In this clock, each circle represents one man's life span. Parents and their children only own a limit of overlapping time.

This one is an hour clock. It blurs the too precise hour-minute-second concept that we have towards time. One can even hardly read the hour using this clock. Also, it looks just like static.

Astronomical Instrument-

The concept is easy and clear and it comes to execution! Mainly are some fabrication problems.

I bought copper sheet, cut it into strips and wrapped around the magnifying glass to fix it. But the effect was not that good. Luckily I found that I could buy the ready-made brass strips and curve it to wrap the glass - looks good.

I tried the continuous servo and tried to get to its lowest speed, yet it got stuck sometimes. Yeseul suggested that maybe I could try stepper motor?- still learning! (Thank you for all the other suggestions and help!)

Structures & Material. I found hollow aluminium tubes which can drill holes and add some 3d printed accessories on it. But not sure about the feasibility of the structure I came up with as well as the bearing capacity. Yeseul suggested that I may use wood in stead of metal tubes so that the flat surface can be a good mount for the motors. Wood may also match brass well so that will be my backup plan.

The base - I want to use concrete. I had experience in casting concrete but not sure if it could become a stable base. Or still use tubes?

I think rotating by its own axis is the best motion. Last week's hide-behind-curtain plan is hard to do it so abandoned? May also add one using just string instead of motor. So it's a combination of controlled and uncontrolled.