​WEEK 04 - FAB

I plan to use the enclosure assignment to do some experiments for my pomp final. For our pomp final, the plan is to redesign three old electronics: change three telephones into a Whac-A-Mole game; change the gramophone into a phenakistoscope and bubble machine; change the electric fan into a vinyl player.

The original interaction of the gramophone is when I rotate the handle, the vinyl will rotate forever but what we want is to make the vinyl rotate only when I rotate the handle. So I have to redesign the inside gears.

I went to the Container Store to buy a bamboo box

Then I found the website to generate gears and went to maker space to laser cut the gears.

But I found that it doesn't work. I naively thought that the vertical gears works the same as when they are in one surface but obviously it doesn't. 

I also added a platform to hold the vinyl.

Maybe I'll ​use some of the original gears and add an encoder for my pcomp final instead of using only gears which cause a lot of issues.