Interesting astronomical projects:

300 000 km/s​

Astronomical Instrument - 

So, here's the problems I have. What's the motion modes of these magnifying glasses?​ How to avoid the rotary electric motors and wires destroy the sculpture's form?
After searching for a lot of kinetic sculptures, I made a list of some conceivable solutions.

1. use kinetic structures and reduce the amounts of motors

2. hide it

3. leave the motion of the sculpture uncontrolled

4. use magnetic field

For the moment, decided to leave the problem aside and concentrate on the form firstly, I made some sketches. 

Came up with this idea to ideally control the rotation mode as well as "hide" all the control equipment behind the curtain. Actually separating these two parts makes both become an elegant one, I suppose. It could be a series of works instead of an independent one because I want this to be as elegant as possible - should not be too complicated.

Worries: the shadow of gears may affect the light on the curtain?

Still will figure out more forms.