Astronomical Instrument -

Ancient people know the time through the sky - they watch the stars, the sun or the moon to know where we are and what time it is, which we call as astronomical instruments. So, when somebody asks why we are so obsessed with the universe, I believe instead of being mysterious or cool, it is because there is an ancient urge that is embedded in our body - we care about here on the Earth through watching into the sky. However, modern people seems not as much as obsessed with the universe than the ancients, although everyone thinks NASA is cool.

So, my initial intent comes - to magnify the changing patterns of nature brought by the sky. I want to use the magnifiers. Have done some experiments and these patterns really look good!

At first, inspired by this instrument (by Maywa Denki), wanted to magnify the sunshine in a relatively exaggerated and physical way. It transfer the movement of goldfish into words typed from a typer. Similarly, the magnifier converges light in different location so as to type different words - together get a "sun book".

However, too many bugs in this idea! And too complicated!

Then I noticed that water plus converging light would be a beautiful combination.

Also, I want it to be outside to get more sunshine.

Came with these strange ideas -

Still not satisfied!

This one is more persuasive. Just put some magnifying glasses on a light sculpture (just like birds standing on the tree), rotating, making sunshine dance in a white curtain beside. Instead of the seemingly static shadow casted by a normal sundial, this one is a dynamic one. The motions of dance change throughout a day.