​WEEK 02 - ICM

Well, this week's outcome was quite an accidental one - far from my original intention.

My inspiration came from Teshima Art Museum, as the video shown below. The water in motion seems alive which really moves me. I hope to imitate the amazing scene.

Things went like this. The first goal was to imitate the tracks of flow.I tried to add some randoms to the motion of the circle. But actually, in nature it should be a mix of regularity and randomness, which is beyond my capacity. It still looks too even. Then, the eddy around a too-small-to-see hole. Learned to make a spiral firstly. And accidentally found that if set some fixed arguments instead of a continuous interval to the angle = random(), it would appear like fireworks. I used the fireworks-like outcome when found the sketch gradually far from my intention but appeared another fancy look.

During the whole process, I've done a lot of small but essential adjustments. For example, at first the pink one was more small and random. However, its rude pink track always messed up the image. 












 what a mess!                                



So I came up with this idea to make it smaller at corners and big enough not to disturb the white tracks at the center.


The final sketch is shown below. Got it name as "play with random mess". Yes still get messed somtimes :) but much more better. 

Btw - random() is a good function!