​WEEK 02 - FAB

I made 5 cups-that-dream for this week's assignment - make multiples of something. My inspiration came from this picture. I decided to use wood for the cup and acrylic sheet for the dream.

I made some random sketches first and then check the size of drilling bits in the shop before buying the wood to make sure how big the cup would be. However, I did not find a thick enough wood in home depot so I divided the cup into two pieces.

The process includes cut it - drill the inside  - drill the outline.

It's a little tricky because the drill bit could not drill deep enough to cut out the whole outlines. I tried to drill from two directions but it caused the edge rough - need some sanding.

Then I used the band saw to cut the acrylic - it's not a good decision and I tried to sand it to avoid the rough edges, I should have used laser cut. Anyway I finished them all with my hands. :)

The final step is to sand all the wood and glaze them with oil.