Why This Class - 

I followed my intuition to choose the class. I love to see things from a small but essential element and I believe the world is like a dense net that a bunch of things are connected. I enjoy when I climb or explore from the bottom and gradually see the net being expanded within my knowledge. Time may be a good starting point.

Currently, 'Time' is still an ambiguous concept in my mind. I sometimes can faintly feel the flow of time when I see waves reflecting the changing colors of sky, when rotating glass is freezing and forming its shape, when leaves slightly, quietly vibrate. The more I recall the more I become curious.

Find Moving Light -

We didn't find moving light because of the constraints of weather in class.

While I accidentally found one in my bedroom. 








Drawstrings of the curtain. Seems like time is not equally seperated?


Initial Thoughts - 

People's feeling towards time now is mostly numbers. This reminds me of a product - komorebi.

komorebi is sunlight filtering through leaves, creating a dance of light and shadows where filtered sunrays hit a surface. It is the reflections on pavements underneath centuries-old trees on a sunny day, and moving, framed lightboxes through windows of homes onto walls. However, these days buildings are taller than they have ever been, creating a place to live for as many people as possible on the tiniest piece of land possible. Homes become a place of isolation from the outside - windows are absent or so tiny that even the idea of nature disappears, and lighting has become so artificial that there is no sense of day, time or place anymore.

It's a lamp that mimics nature. Although the designer didn't have such intention, it makes me think of this kind of situation - when we live in an apartment for a long time and get used to the sun light's changing mode throughout a day from dawn to dust, such light, mimicking mornings or afternoons, unvaryingly, may in a way gives an unnatural feeling. On the contrary, it makes us realize the real sunshine and changing views outside the window, the visual 'time' instead of a numerical one. I think it is the power of confusing 'time'.