​WEEK 01 - ICM

I'm a nature lover. I find patterns of nature in waves, rain, sunset, stars, light, shadows and so on. I found the similarities of these things when I read Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium. Calvino describes "lightness" as following: 1. light and subtle; 2. be in motion; 3. carry information. I quite agree with his lightness aesthetic system. I believe computation has to deal with the real world and I want to apply it to mimic beautiful changing patterns and textures of the nature.

This is one example I took during the rainstorm and typhoon. The mix of light and rains formed very beautiful patterns.

I made this very first sketch - sea and birds. Actually got some inspiration from sunset by Andy Warhol.

I used mouseY so move your mouse around the sun!

The first obvious problem is that I cannot embed a HTML iframe to my wix editor but can only embed a site. stranger:(

It acted like this - showing incomplete canvas when I embedded a HTML.

I'm confused when I drew the beak and tail. I used curveVertex but I'm wondering if there's a more easy way for these irregular curved shapes. I also want to figure out how to control the lightness of  sky when I moved the sun.