​WEEK 01 - FAB

In class, Ben's story of his flashlight touched me. The rough outlook became so charming after he told the story. It reminds me that an object becomes beautiful and elegant really because of its story behind it. People love stories.

My plan is to use some existing object and transform it into a flashlight. The goal is to make it random, aged and vintage. I chose the elbow which I bought the wrong size for another project so that to make the elbow useful again. I used the dowels to fit into the elbow so that I could put button and led on it.

I connected the circuit to make it work firstly. Used a button, a led and a button battery.

Then I tried both the band saw and miter saw​ to cut the dowels. Band saw can make the edge more smooth while the miter saw make it rough (if I move slowly it got better but still rough).

Then, I drill holes on it, to fix the led and also let go through the wires. I don't know how to make the dowel absolute vertical although I don't need it to be vertical because I'll hide it into my elbow afterwards. I still want to know anyway. Also, I should have put two wood sheet on each side of the dowel when I clamp it to drill holes - the clamp always leave some trace on it.

When I put​ the led in it, it look so cute haha.

I also hand sanded it a little bit.

Then, solder the led and button.

When I put it in the dowel, the two poles of led are easy to touch each other. The glue gun will make it too fat to fit into the hole so I wrap some tape onto it!

Put them all into my copper elbow.

After I fix all the parts, I found that the led sometimes flash. I found the problem - god the copper is conductive and the two poles of the switch will touch the copper randomly. So I used glue gun to isolate it.

Finally, it works well!