Dream - My dream is to create a collection of objects, constructing an encyclopedic and independently running universe. I am curious about how people in different periods perceive the world in either scientific or occult way. In most times, people's perceptions are restricted by the current environment. Adults cannot constantly perceive the cause and effect of happenings of nature like kids. So I'm curious how people perceive the time, their locations or the sky when there was no so much technology or knowledge. Studying the past, current and future perceptions of human and the instruments they create helps me gain my perceptions back and ultimately I wish to reconstruct a system about how I want to perceive the world.

“Steeped in alchemy, they were the fathers of modern medicine; believing in astrology, they created the new astronomy.”


Vision - My vision is to dive into subjects including time and space, cosmology, mathematics, occultism, astrology, but are not limited to. Then, make imaginary instruments in a certain context which constitute "cabinet of curiosities" systematically arranged in an encyclopaedic fashion. 

Goal - Realize one or two imaginary instruments which may be navigational instrument, astronomical instrument, alchemistic instrument or a hybrid one - occult scientific instrument and assign them with certain contexts. They could be absurd but should accord with some existing principles in the area of time and space, cosmology, mathematics, occultism, astrology and so on.

Plan -

Beginning from Feb 2, I will be doing this 100 days of perceiving here.


Feb 14 - Do research into the topics.

Feb 15 - Start drawing some ideas. Continue the research and study.

March 15 - Decide the idea I'll be working on and start fabrication works.

May 5 - Finish fabrication.