When Yotam introduced multi channel to us, I got into a question that why I want to merge multiple channels into one connection and unpack them when I want to add a filter to one of them. I checked some tutorials about mc on MaxMsp, and surprisingly found dealing with multichannel using mc object is a new invention of Max 8.

I watched this presentation, David Zicarelli and Tom Hall introducing Max 8’s new multi-channel audio programming system. David and Tom demonstrated techniques for generating rich and interesting soundscapes using MC. They also touch on the psychoacoustics behind our recognition of multiple sources in an audio stream. It became intriguing to me that how we perceive lots of sound sources, a population of sources or channels. What’s the difference he heard of several channels coming from one sound source and one channel coming from every sound source?​ It reminds me of the fact that Dave introduced to us, 2 speakers at the same volume doesn't equal to double loudness. It needs 10 speakers to be double loud.

I did some experiments in MaxMsp to see different amounts of waves in slightly different frequency/depth/de-correlated phase. The concept is that four waves will sometimes come from 4 speakers separately, sometimes being merged and all coming from one speaker. Other times there are more than 4, 10 - 20 -50 waves with uncorrelated phases or sequences coming from one speaker and then go back to be synchronized.