When I was lying on the desk, I heard the sound of coke, even after hours, bubbles were jumping up hitting the metal. I tried to record this sound. I even accidentally found that Coca-Cola has more bubbles than Pepsi. It's easier to record when bubbles are popping up in the beginning while hard to record the very subtle sound when bubble pops up one by one after hours. Anyway, I used both kinds of sound in my piece. The idea is to create a feeling that something destructive, harsh and bad is about to burst from the coke can. I like the idea that sound, or music can form "an image of impulses and forces which lie at the root of motion". It's the impulse of bubbles that touches me. I can feel a kind of energy within it, a certain tempo in the chaos and confusion. I could see nothing but darkness from the tiny mouth but feel some subtle tiny things in it. The sound source should be put in the metal can, and when grasp it beside someone's ears, you can hear different conditions of the inside. Will try to put a speaker inside of a coke can to listen.

Without any experience in music software, I tried to create it in Ableton. Quite confused when choosing the instruments - it's just like lottery.