Marco Guazzini Design S.r.l.

MC 1018001

This composite of marble and wool is both creative and beautiful. I'm wondering how random when it is being made if it was applied to mass-manufacturing. But I haven't seen this material although I have followed a bunch of furniture design studios on instagram. So I guess it's only produced in small production or even customization? 

It reminds me of creative coding to make graphics. Random, artificial, machine... It came to my first thought that It could be used to make so beautiful furnitures like chair and table. It's created by a furniture designer, which was not to my surprise and the material itself became the core of the studio of the brand.

I really love seeing the material into application! It's just so beautiful.


TechFlex, Inc.

MC 5219-01

I felt it's very beautiful and hope to apply it to texture design(furniture). It's soft and flexible so I also thought of cable control. So maybe a kinetic chair or lamp! However, browsing their description: "Applications include fire hose, cold and hot water delivery, irrigation, industrial plants, and cable cover." Their website is also very hardcore and industry-look.

Blown Metal Shapes

Stephen Newby

MC 5368-01

I thought that this kind of sculpture were built in 3d modeling imitating the inflatable shape. Instead, it's inflating of metal shapes using high pressure.

Soft Sound

Commercially Available


MC 8709-02