1. different types of wires. It made me think of nitinol wires​ whose shape is programmable under a certain heat which could be a perfect creative material for soft robotics.

2. paper rope. It's not stretchy but could form a certain shape.

3. Like this fluffy birds. Surprised at the fluffy degree of their fur. It reminds me of utilizing static electricity to trigger different conditions of fur.

4. plastic string. Plastic could also be soft. The round shape is fixed by some metal structures, showing a large amount energy within this object.

5. gauze. It looks soft and light and also owns great elasticity. Could be used for mimic some gentle motions like cloud and jellyfish.

6. A toy bird that has different layers of softness. Some outstanding short fur, soft skin and a soft ball inside it. Like the feeling when hold it in hand.

7. carrot. Unlike the bird, the carrot has a different and strange feeling of softness. It could be moulded into different shape. Really enjoy the feeling. Good for release pressure.

8. Curious about how it is made. Like how to finalize the curved shape. The softness is factor of form rather than material itself.

9. Again the softness is from its form rather than material. Different weaving methods could lead to different degrees of softness. Imagined what a programmable weaving softness machine looks like..

10. Very stretchy but quite brittle. Its softness could be destroyed easily. But when using thousands of this string hang one thing, it could become much more solid.

Last but not least, it's a puppy I made last semester using cable pulled mechanisms. I make it a motor driven one afterwards. See here.