Scratch to Sniff!
Scratch to Release Imagination!

SNIFF is a set of building blocks. When kids build with the blocks, they smell odors by scratching the blocks and reading stories about nature. Interactions between blocks cause the story to evolve.


Select your favorite smell. Then, build the chosen blocks. Your figure appears on the screen according to the smell.

Kiwi is a kind of bird that lives in the forest and feeds on berries.

Learn and distinguish different smells.

When you finish your olfaction study, it's time to feed yourself!

The smell you choose determines the story. Every child makes their own unique stories.

Research & Design Development

1. Why I made the SMELL-BASED toy?

Good toys give kids good memories.
Because the olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system as well as an area so closely associated with memory, smell can call up episodic memories almost instantaneously.

Kids’ imagination is a thing to behold.
Smell can instigate imagination. The most subjective of the five human senses, smell is unique for everyone.


Using a process called micro-encapsulation, we create a special paint with different smells. The paint is applied to the blocks, and it's scent is released when scratched. The scented paint lasts for about 8 years.

3.User Research


5. Prototype