​WEEK 03 - FAB

Compared to the last two weeks, laser cut truly makes the making process far more easier. I quickly settled down my idea, bought some acrylic sheets in Canal Plastic and then used only one afternoon to finish this piece. The only problem I met was if I used the same file to cut the little piece and big square, they would not fit each other - the little piece was too small to fit into the hole because the laser cut eat some materials in the edge. So I added an offset of 0.001 inch and they could perfectly match each other with out using the glue.

Then I glued the six surfaces. I used my normal acrylic glue at first but it always makes the acrylic dirty and ​it's not easy to use. So I borrowed another super glue from Fanyi. This kind of glue is very clean - not leaving a trace.

(normal glue - dirty)

(super glue - clean)